About the Downtown Residents Association (DRA)

The DRA is the official community organization representing people living in Victoria’s Downtown and Harris Green Neighbourhoods. The purpose of the Association is to provide a collective voice for residents within the downtown neighbourhood in Victoria. The aim is to create a desirable downtown living environment and, to that end, the efforts may include, but not be limited to:

  • Fostering a sense of community for residents in downtown Victoria;

  • Helping identify and preserve cultural and architectural heritage sites within the area;

  • Articulating safety issues encountered by downtown residents;

  • Facilitating communication between residents, businesses and non-profit groups;

  • Preserving the existing and foster the creation of additional green space downtown;

  • Ensuring that our membership has a recognizable face and influential voice regarding land development, and redevelopment and public projects in our area; and,

  • Promoting the downtown core as a good place to live.



At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the DRA may endorse, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Activities on which the DRA has agreed to collaborate or sponsor including projects, conferences, publications, and/or other such activities that fall under the purview of the DRA mission and goals,

  • Activities that are of significant public benefit where the DRA is not formally involved, but where the activity in question aligns with the DRA’s mission and goals.

Endorsement can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • A letter of support,

  • Use of DRA logo for Board approved purposes,

  • Distribution of relevant information to DRA membership,

  • Advertisements/postings on the DRA website, social media or newsletter

The DRA cannot endorse:

  • Any activities that violate the Constitution of Victoria Downtown Residents’ Association as per the Society Act,

  • Any activities that violate the agreed upon terms or fail to reach acceptable standards of effectiveness and/or integrity,

  • Any activities that do not support the mission and goals of the DRA.

The DRA can, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, withdraw endorsement at any time. Under no circumstances will the DRA consider providing access to, or use of, then DRA mailing list.

Endorsement Review Process

The Board of Directors encourages organizations, community stakeholders or members to submit for endorsement at the earliest point in the process of development. All submissions will undergo the following steps:

  • Submit the completed application form to the DRA Board of Directors for consideration at a regularly scheduled board meeting. For applications to be considered, they must be submitted to the Board of Directors no fewer than 48 hours before the scheduled board meeting. Applications submitted later than this will be considered at the following board meeting.

  • The DRA Board of Directors will make the final decision as determined by a majority vote of Directors present at the meeting provided that quorum is reached. The Society Act states that a minimum of 3 voting members must be present for quorum to be achieved.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to table a request for endorsement for the purposes of seeking clarification or additional information from an applicant. The request for endorsement will then be considered at the next regularly scheduled board meeting provided the application has been completed to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors.

Endorsement Review Criteria

  • Before any endorsement can be considered, the Board of Directors will consider the following key questions:

  • Does the proposed activity and/or the proposed relationship promote the mission and values of the DRA?

  • Are related costs (if any) in alignment with the DRA budget and financial goals?

  • Will the relationship promote or enhance activities or organizations whose goals are inconsistent with the mission and values of our organization?

  • Will the relationship maintain our organization’s reputation for objectivity, independence, integrity, credibility, social responsibility and accountability?

Meeting Frequency

Please review the DRA’s website for information on DRA board meetings.

Contact Information and General Inquiries

Any inquiries relating to a request for endorsement can be made to the DRA at: president@victoriadra.ca