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Application for Change of Hours – 768 Yates St – Cenote

The DRA Land Use Committee has reviewed the application for proposed change of hours for liquor service for a Food Primary Licence as per the following:

  • Proposed hours: 11AM to 1AM Sunday to Thursday and 11AM to 2AM Friday & Saturday.

  • Current hours: 11AM to 12AM Sunday to Thursday and 11AM to 1AM Friday & Saturday.

  • The total occupant load of 110 people will remain the same.

Feedback from the committee is as follows:

  • Cenote seems to be a well-run business in a location without adjoining residential.

  • The operators of Cenote have a proven track record and this establishment has been in operation for more than six years. Unless there are complaints from neighbouring residents, or a history of complaints registered with VicPD, this application seems reasonable.

  • The closest residential property to Cenote is The Rocket, which sits atop the Yates Street Tap House. It is assumed that those residents are already prepared for the impact of drinking establishments. The only concern is that in lengthening hours, there will eventually be a request to lengthen the Tap House hours as well and we will gradually see areas in the Downtown that are very difficult for residents to continue living.

In absence of the long-anticipated Municipal Alcohol Policy, the LUC developed and the DRA ratified the DRA Policy for Liquor Primary & Late Night Food Primary Liquor Licences in February 2020. All relevant liquor applications are reviewed on the basis of this policy in addition to any input from the public.

General support for this application has been provided by LUC members and we have not received any communication expressing concerns by members of the community. DRA LUC members strongly support a vibrant community and remain concerned about the increasing number and concentration of late night liquor primary seats in the Downtown.

Regards, Ian Sutherland Chair, Land Use Committee Downtown Residents Association

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