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Application to Transfer Liquor Primary Licence

February 18, 2015

Re: Application to Transfer Liquor Primary Licence – Infiniti to #27-560 Johnson Street

Dear Manager Bylaw and Licensing Services,

The DRA Land Use Committee has reviewed the application to transfer the Liquor Primary Licence from 1325 Government Street to the basement unit at Market Square at #27 – 560 Johnson Street.

From the application, staff report and our research, we understand that some of the key components of the application include the following:

• Jack Weeks operated Hush at its Government Street location for 15 years and will be the operator of the new venture, Infiniti. • Bylaw Enforcement issued one violation ticket to the licensee at the Government Street location in April 2011 relating to the failure of security staff to wear ID, but there have been no other violations since that time. • The licensee was found in contravention of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act once in relation to an event on October 31, 2009, by permitting an intoxicated person to remain. This is the only violation on record with the BCLCLB for the operator dating back to January 2003. • The capacity for Infiniti will be 275. While this is an increase in capacity over that of the previous location on Government Street, it does not reflect a net increase in the total number of liquor seats downtown as there are other Liquor Primary Licenses that were once operational in the downtown core that are still dormant. • The applicant describes the target markets for Infiniti as “Adult-oriented”, the “LGBT Community” and “Gay-friendly”. • Market Square has a designated smoking area in the courtyard. Guests at Infiniti will have access to this area via two access points in the venue. This will reduce noise and garbage on the street while facilitating compliance with new smoking bylaws. • If the transfer is successful, the operator will be required to complete a new Good Neighbour Agreement as a condition of issuance of the City business licence.

Feedback from the committee is as follows: • The operator has a relatively clean record with BCLCLB Compliance and Enforcement. • It appears that there have been no noise or nuisance complaints generated from the operations at the Government Street location. • The operator has been a ‘good neighbour’ while at the Government Street location. • Market Square is a good location for a nightclub. • The shift in location is to an area that is not heavily residential and fills an empty location in Market Square. • Infiniti will cater to a more mature demographic which is currently underserved by the current variety of operations. • Two members who live on the east side of the Vogue building for two years before the Government Street venue closed, commented that they did not find the activities of Hush disruptive, even in the summer months with windows and patio doors open (all of which face the direction of the entrance to the club).

The DRA LUC generally supports this proposal.


Ian Sutherland Chair Downtown Residents Association Land Use Committee

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