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CALUC Letter Re: 1244 Wharf Street, Yates Block – Rezoning Application

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Since May 2020, the DRA LUC has been in discussions with the Applicant, Mr. Robert Fung, and the City planning department regarding the proposed Rezoning at 1244 Wharf Street to “allow for hotel use and for residential uses to be permitted below the ground floor”.

As a result of the new restrictions outlined by the City, no CALUC meeting took place for this proposal, so there has been no opportunity for the community to participate in any information sharing related to this project. Therefore, the community must rely on the relevant documents posted on the City’s Development Tracker. 

For this proposal, the information provided on the Development Tracker consists of two old site plans, some photos of the existing building and the applicant’s letter to the City. As such, the current process has not served the public interest when the City solicits community feedback, as the general public cannot provide an informed opinion when insufficient meaningful information has been supplied. We request that for all applications going forward, that a staff review report is posted on the Development Tracker before the 30‐day period begins, as it provides greater clarity of information, context and background. To further inform the public it would also be appropriate to post any Staff Reports to Council, ADP and Heritage Advisory Panel to the Development Tracker as they become available.

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