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CALUC Letter re 767 Douglas – Telus Ocean: Rezoning and OCP Amendment/Development Permit with Varia

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The DRA LUC has reviewed the proposal and the public has provided feedback on the application for a twelve-storey (53.21m) office building with ground floor commercial with an FSR of 5.47:1 at 767 Douglas Street.  The project requires an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment for density as well as a Rezoning for density and a Development Permit with Variances for height and setbacks. The public response was significant in its opposition and the DRA LUC have noted a number of concerns regarding the lack of compliance with the City’s core planning documents, among others, for this proposal on City-owned property.

We strongly advise that Council decline this project as proposed.

Download PDF • 1.68MB

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