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CALUC Letter re Application for a New Liquor Primary Licence – 1234 Wharf Street

Dear Mayor Helps and Council

The DRA Land Use Committee has reviewed the application for a new Liquor Primary Licence for the purpose of providing in-room minibar service at the Victoria Regent Hotel. From the application, we understand that there are no restrictions on hours of licenced liquor service and no occupant load assigned to this application.

Comments from LUC members:

  • This seems in keeping with most hotels in offering in-room minibars as a service available to registered guests that would provide a potential source of revenue for the operation.

  • As this application applies to areas within guest rooms only, the comfort of all their hotel guests will be a priority in terms of any negative impacts, such as noise.

  • Seems benign and self regulating, especially in comparison to late night liquor applications that are being consistently approved by Council on the immediately adjacent 500-block of Yates

  • This application appears unlikely to generate problems and should be supported.

In conclusion, the DRA LUC has no objection to this proposal.


Ian Sutherland

Chair, Land Use Committee, Downtown Residents Association

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