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CALUC Letter re Structural Change to a Manufacturers License – Whistle Buoy #63-560 Johnson St

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The DRA Land Use Committee has reviewed the application for a structural change to a Manufacturers License to:

1. Expand the interior Tap Room space into the adjoining unit (an additional 616 sq. ft.);

2. Introduce a transiting corridor to allow patrons to carry drinks from the Tap Room to the Patio; and,

3. Increase the occupant load on the patio by 55 people concurrent with a patio expansion: increasing the total occupancy from 112 to 167 people.

We understand that the existing hours of operation Monday to Wednesday 11AM to 11PM and Thursday to Sunday 11AM to 12AM will remain the same.

DRA LUC members strongly support a vibrant downtown and remain concerned about the increasing number and concentration of late night liquor primary seats not just in Downtown but in this area specifically. However, we consider this application stands apart from those concerns due to operational context. As such, the DRA LUC finds that this application is supportable.

Download PDF • 1.17MB

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