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Eats & Beats on the Street

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The Victoria Downtown Residents’ Association, Lucky Bar and Dylan’s Sports Bar & Grill have partnered to produce the third annual community event: Eats & Beats on the Street on Wednesday, 8 August from 5PM – 9PM in Commercial Alley. Recognizing that Commercial Alley is a unique space, we’d like to take the opportunity to highlight this historic area with our local residential community.


During the day, a pop-up parklet will be open to everyone to use to relax and enjoy.

At 5PM, Eats & Beats on the Street will formally begin with DJs, an outdoor bar, food vendors and providers, a laneway arcade, and more!

From 5PM, all DRA members are invited to visit our registration table at the north end of Commercial Alley to receive gifts and discounts (while supplies last) provided by businesses in the area. Downtown-Harris Green residents can either sign up for membership at the event or online at


This event invites the residents of our district (Downtown-Harris Green) and the general public in the area to make use of Commercial Alley in a completely different way–one that is designed to encourage people to linger in a pop-up parklet during the day and show up for a fun event in the evening. It will be an opportunity for friends and neighbours to meet and experience Commercial Alley in a casual, sociable and family-friendly environment. This is a free event–no ticket purchase necessary! We look forward to seeing you next week!

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