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Keeping it Human Community Workshop

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Join this workshop presented by The Existence Project / Victoria Downtown Residents Association / Downtown Victoria Business Association and hear the story of someone who has experienced homelessness. Reflect on social issues happening in your neighbourhood, and discover some tangible next steps towards addressing housing solutions for your community.

This workshop is for people who are looking to find:

  • Understanding and compassion for the homeless experience

  • Baseline knowledge of what’s working and what isn’t

  • An opportunity to reflect on what needs to change

  • A way forward for individuals and the group they represent to take action

We look forward to connecting with you!

To see documentaries and video content from the Existence Project check out their Youtube channel or their Facebook page.

Please note! This workshop will be recorded with the intention of having a graphic facilitator capture knowledge and sharing in the workshop to create a graphic recording following the workshop for you to share with your organization and community.

NOTE: We have an attendee limit of 30 participants. Please let us know if you have to cancel prior to the session so we can extend an invite to the next person on the waitlist. A Zoom link will be sent to attendees by email prior to the workshop.

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