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Letter to Council: CALUC Meeting-Hudson District Zoning Amendment-Brew Pub Brewery

Mayor Helps and Council City of Victoria No.1 Centennial Square Victoria, BC V8W 1P6

August 1, 2016

Re: CALUC Meeting-Hudson District Zoning Amendment-Brew Pub Brewery

Dear Mayor Helps and Council,

The DRA LUC reviewed the drawings and hosted a CALUC meeting on September 8th, 2015 for the above-mentioned application. Twenty-six people registered their attendance at the door.

Based on the information presented by the applicant, the purpose of the rezoning is to amend the existing zoning to include the uses for a Brewery, Brew Pub and/or Distillery within the Hudson District. The proposal would include all existing and proposed buildings within the Hudson District.

The applicant outlined that they had not yet found an operator for the proposed use but would be open to a local craft type of operation.

Comments and concerns raised at the CALUC meeting by the public are as follows;

  1. Several attendees voiced concerns regarding potential for offensive odour from brewing or distilling operations. The applicant indicated that there would be requirements for any operator to provide adequate ventilation and other equipment required to mitigate concern from odours.

  2. Attendees suggested that hours of operation be limited to 11:00pm as that would be appropriate for an operation so close to residents.

  3. Attendees also expressed concerns regarding noise and traffic from loading/unloading and waste pickup operations. It was noted that a brewery use is essentially industrial and can produce a lot of noise and traffic.

  4. Concerns were voiced that the ground floor commercial space within the original Hudson building would be incompatible for the proposed use as there were current unresolved issues with noise transmission to the residential units above. The applicant stated that it was unlikely that a brewery would be installed in the original Hudson and would be likely purpose built in the Hudson Walk or Hudson Walk 2

Many of the attendees were existing owners/residents at the Hudson. They indicated a high level of concern that a Brewery would be established within their building or in close proximity. Liquor outlets within residential buildings can be problematic without attention paid to hours of operation, noise and odours. DRA policy is to recommend closing hours of 11:00 pm for liquor outlets within or near residential buildings. For this proposal, it is essential that noise and smell mitigation measures are required as the proposal for a brewery is effectively for an industrial use proposed within a retail/residential zone.

It is recommended this proposal, if approved, be restricted only to “purpose built” new construction with mitigation commitments made for noise and odours along with an 11:00pm closing for service to the public.


Ian Sutherland Chair Land Use Committee Downtown Residents Association cc COV Planning

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