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Letter to Council Re: 506-508 Herald St – Brew Pub – Further Comment

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Mayor Helps and Council City of Victoria No.1 Centennial Square Victoria, BC V8W 1P6

March 14, 2019

Re: 506-508 Herald St – Brew Pub – Further Comment

Dear Mayor Helps and Council,

Further to the DRA letter dated April 26, 2018 regarding the proposed brewpub at 506 Herald Street, we now understand that the application has been substantially expanded to include a 178- person capacity and opening hours extending until 2:00 am and that Council is moving to support this application counter to ongoing concerns repeatedly expressed by downtown residents and the DRA regarding the incompatibility of late-night drinking establishments within established residential enclaves.

The DRA facilitated a public meeting last year for this application. Facing concerns expressed by the public at this meeting, the applicant was emphatic that the proposal was for an occupancy of 100 persons and opening hours until midnight and publicly committed to the proposed occupancy and hours of operation. To be absolutely clear, any support this application garnered from those present and the DRA, was entirely based on what was then considered a reasonable occupancy and the 12 am closing.

The immediate local neighbourhood already contains a great many residences and is rapidly growing (Mermaid Wharf 98 units, Janion 110 units, Ironworks 170 units, The Union 136 units, Swift Street Apartments 49 units, 555 Chatham 22 units, Lee Cheong & Lum Sam 25 units, 555 Chatham 25 units, 601 Herald 27 units, 613 Herald 32 units, Lim Dat Building 22 units, Biggerstaff Building 24 units, Dragon Alley 12 units, Herald Building 16 units, etc.). The DRA has pointed out repeatedly that the insertion of large capacity late night Liquor establishments into the center of residential neighbourhoods such as this one is extremely detrimental to the livability of this neighbourhood and creates unnecessary and ongoing conflict.

Council is expecting the Downtown to absorb the majority of growth for the region but at the same time needs to thoughtfully consider the impacts that decisions such this will have on the quality of life for this rapidly growing population.

Sincerely, Ian Sutherland Chair Land Use Committee Downtown Residents Association

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