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Letter to Mayor and Council re Application for a Cannabis Retail Store at 1400 Quadra Street

When the Rezoning Application for this property was brought forward in 2020, the DRA LUC supported the Staff recommendation to decline it based on the fact that “ The proposal is inconsistent with the Storefront Cannabis Retailer Rezoning Policy as there are four properties within 400m of the subject property that have storefront cannabis retailer as a permitted use: 826 Johnson Street is 72m away, 853 Cormorant Street is 136m away, 778 Fort Street is 325m away, and 1402 Douglas Street is 388m.”

Ignoring city policy, Staff’s advice and the DRA LUC’s feedback, Council approved the rezoning application. Since Council chose not to uphold its own Policy, disregard the input of Staff and the community, it seems inevitable that Council will approve this subsequent application.

Once again, we strongly encourage Council to uphold its decision to adopt the 400m proximity rule for Cannabis retailers even if the use is permitted at this location. (Note: Our 2020 DRA LUC letter for the Rezoning Application is appended to this letter.) Click below to download and read the full letter.

1400 Quadra - Cannabis Retail Store (2022)
Download PDF • 1.16MB

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