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Letter to Mayor and Council re: Jawl Properties – Rezoning & Development Permit for 1030 Fort Street

The DRA LUC has reviewed the drawings for the proposal and in accordance with the City’s alternate CALUC process, a virtual CALUC meeting was held for this project on 31 August 2021. It is noted that since that CALUC meeting, there have been four subsequent sets of revised plans that have been submitted to the City and posted to the Development Tracker, none of which have been presented to the community at a follow up CALUC meeting.

Based on the information presented by the applicant at the CALUC meeting of 31 August 2021, the purpose of the Rezoning and Development Permit with Variance is to create a six-storey building with five storeys consisting of 30 market rental residential units over one storey of 1500 sqft commercial use at grade with zero parking provided onsite. The proposed density of 4:1 and 6 storeys with a height of 22.88m are above the current zone of 2.5:1 and 4 storeys at 15.5m. The front setback is proposed to be 0.04m (south), while the zone requires a 3.0m setback. The proposal involves the complete demolition of the existing buildings on site and none of buildings are heritage designated or on the heritage registry. DCAP requires an 8.0m setback from the rear property line to the face of the building; however, a variance of 1.0m (to 7.0m) is being requested. Forty-eight covered, secure bike stalls within the building are proposed in addition to 8 stalls on the street.

As outlined in DCAP, “Fort Street is a special character area corridor within the Residential Mixed-Use District. It is designated as a Heritage Conservation Area through the Official Community Plan and is recognized for its concentration of heritage properties with smaller scale commercial uses at street level, such as retail stores, restaurants and cafés, creating a lively and active shopping area.” (DCAP, Section Three: Districts, pg 33)

Public feedback indicates this proposal appears to not adequately respond to the special character Antique Row has maintained for several generations or the significance of its unique character is enshrined within DCAP. The DRA LUC always encourages Council to fully support the City of Victoria’s Downtown Core Area Plan and Official Community Plan.

Click on the link below to download and read the full letter, which includes responses from the public and comments from DRA LUC members.

1030 Fort CALUC Letter 22_07_19 FINAL
Download PDF • 1.21MB

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