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Letter to Mayor and Council re Upcoming Protest

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

March 10, 2022

Re: Upcoming protests in Victoria

Dear Mayor and Council

The Victoria Downtown Residents Association expresses its strong concern regarding the recently announced upcoming protests that are expected to arrive in downtown Victoria over the next few days. We are also very concerned about statements made by the alleged convoy organizer threatening to occupy our lovely city for an extended period of time.

While we support all citizens’ right to peaceful public protest, we are very concerned about the type and nature of this protest, given the recent events in Ottawa. We call on Council to take all possible proactive steps, including collaboration with VicPD and the councils and police forces of our neighbouring municipalities and the Province to prepare to the greatest extent possible and ensure that an unlawful occupation of our streets does not occur. It is critical that action is taken to limit the impact of any such occupation, not only for our personal safety, but that of healthcare workers, and also to protect our city assets and infrastructure, the environment and our economy, especially the struggling tourist sector.

Residents of the Downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods should not have their right to peaceful enjoyment of their city taken away by a self-appointed rabble who have no respect for the rights of the majority of our citizens. Nor should our residents be subjected to the incessant noise that has been characteristic of past convoy protests.

Respectfully submitted

Sandra Severs


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