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Letter to Mayor and Council re We Unify Conference

To Mayor Alto and Members of Council

Re. The We Unify Conference at the Victoria Conference Centre Dear Mayor Alto and Members of Council,

It has come to our attention that a We Unify conference is being held at the Victoria Conference Centre on June 22-23. Given that the lineup scheduled to appear at this conference consists of many who were involved in the trucker convoy which disrupted the lives of Ottawa citizens in 2022, we would like to register our concern about their presence in our city.

We understand that the Conference Centre is a public facility and that it is not the job of city officials to determine who has the right of assembly and free speech. At the same time, we expect that any conference held in this city will respect the rights of residents and business owners to the peaceful enjoyment of our community.

We would ask, given the history of this group, that any disruption or threat of disruption by this group is dealt with swiftly by law enforcement.

With thanks,

Sandra Severs


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