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Letter to Mayor & Council re Axe and Grind – Liquor License Application - 910 Government Street

Dear Mayor Alto and Council,

We understand that Axe and Grind at 910 Government Street has applied for a permit for the following: - New liquor primary licence having hours of operations from 9am to 2am daily with an 80-person occupancy load. No outdoor seating is included.

In the absence of the long-anticipated Municipal Alcohol Policy, the LUC developed, and the DRA ratified, the DRA Policy for Liquor Primary & Late Night Food Primary Liquor Licences on 02 Feb 2020. All relevant liquor applications are reviewed on the basis on this policy and our assessment of the application’s performance is included below.

Feedback from the Committee is:

  • Proximity to residential buildings and units: it was noted that this establishment is close to the Harbour Court residences, and it is recommended that a good neighbour policy be pursued.

  • Implications of licencing in perpetuity: There are concerns relating to the long-term implication of a liquor primary license. There is a concentration of many liquor licenses in a small area, and the operations of this establishment could change to more of a bar/nightclub. This could have negative impacts to the overall community now and in the future.

Overall, the DRA is of the position that it will help both residents and owners if a clear Municipal Alcohol Policy is brought forward by the City that license applications can be judged against.


Jordan Royer Co-Chair Land Use Committee, Downtown Residents Association

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