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Letter to Mayor Council re Change to Hours of Liquor Service – 727 Yates – Saint Franks

17 July 2023

Dear Mayor Alto and Council,

We understand that Saint Franks at 727 Yates St has applied to move locations for an existing licence and maintain the same hours for liquor primary.

In absence of the long-anticipated Municipal Alcohol Policy, the LUC developed and the DRA ratified the DRA Policy for Liquor Primary & Late Night Food Primary Liquor Licences on 02 Feb 2020. All relevant liquor applications are reviewed on the basis of this policy and our assessment of the application’s performance is included below.

Feedback from the Committee is:

  • - Saint Franks is one of the few establishments in the downtown area where food service continues at late hours

  • - Saint Franks is a previous operating business in the downtown area that was not notable for resident disturbances

  • - The new location is located on a street with establishments that were open until 1:30am

  • - Yates St is a major throughway with significant traffic at all hours

  • - There are 11 residential suites in the same building that are also being renovated

  • - The residential suites will be occupied after the establishment is open – therefore incoming residents will be aware of the hours of operation prior to moving in.

Considering the above, the DRA has no objection to this proposal.

Sincerely, Jordan Royer Co-Chair Land Use Committee, Downtown Residents Association

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