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Not Your Average Election Debate - Sept. 25

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Voting is cool. Informed voting is cooler.

Join the Victoria Downtown Residents Association on Sunday, September 25th from 2 to 4 pm at The Vic Theatre (808 Douglas St.) to hear from mayoral candidates on issues related to living in the Downtown neighbourhood.

To reserve your seat, visit The event will also be livestreamed on Zoom and YouTube. Join the Facebook event to keep up-to-date on debate details.

** Please avoid wearing perfume, cologne or other scented products. **

Accessibility details: The Vic Theatre is fully wheelchair accessible, including an accessible washroom. There will also be a gender-inclusive washroom available during the debate. Captioning services will be provided, with captions projected on the screen behind the debate participants and also available online for those watching remotely. The theatre will be a scent-reduced, alcohol-free and peanut-free space for this event. Free bus tickets will be available for those who face financial barriers to attending the debate.

We encourage those who are able to walk, cycle or take public transit to the debate. The closest bus stops are on the west side of Douglas between Humboldt and Courtney (about 50 metres north of the entrance to the theatre), on the east side of Douglas just south of Burdett, and on the south side of Burdett just east of Douglas.

Street parking is available around the theatre. The closest parkades are Broughton Square Parkade (635 Broughton St.), Broughton Street Parkade (745 Broughton St.), and Robbins Parking (744 Broughton St. #14).

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1 Comment

Humbly, I am concerned you're presuming to exclude me. I would only ask 'what other candidate actually sees the possibility of ending the addiction epidemic?'

Candidate for Mayor of Victoria

David Arthur Johnston

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