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November 18 Roving Refinery at Zambri’s

The Zambri’s Roving Refinery was very well supported, with around 24 members attending,  We donated twenty five pounds of foodstuffs and $110 cash to Our Place.  This was the most ever raised for charity at a Roving Refinery.


Jo Zambri, one of the owners, welcomed the DRA crowd and explained some of the history and philosophy of the restaurant.  We were treated with a variety of Italian starters, including very fine meatballs and a finger-food version of Caesar salad.  It was a very good way to counter the chill and damp of a Victoria winter evening.

All the dishes we had were prepared by Louis in the kitchen.  Four DRA members in attendance, Ian, JC, Nicholas and Pat, won $25 Gift Certificates to Zambri’s.

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