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Town Hall Meeting: Livability Solutions in Downtown Victoria

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

On Wednesday, October 1, 2014, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, the DRA’s Healthy Living Committee will host a discussion forum in the City Hall Antechamber, for the purpose of developing solutions to present and future livability issues facing residents of Victoria’s downtown and Harris Green neighbourhoods.

Context: The DRA recognizes that the City of Victoria’s Downtown Residential Community is expected to grow significantly over the next few decades, and it is in our mutual interest to ensure that the City is doing all it can to support and promote a desirable quality of life for urban residents. From the Downtown Community Area Plan: “According to population forecasts from the Capital Regional District, the Capital Region’s population will increase to 390,000 by 2016, and to 475,000 by 2038. This represents a 31 percent increase, or 111,000 new residents, in about 30 years. It is anticipated that the Downtown Core Area’s share of that growth will be approximately 10,000 additional residents.” Format: Attendees will liaise with fellow community members and stakeholders, identify and discuss items of specific concern to the residential community of Downtown Victoria, and collaborate in generating solutions to mitigate or eliminate problems, and remove obstacles which stand in the way of enjoying a high quality of life.

Attendance: All residents of Downtown Victoria and Harris Green neighbourhoods are welcome to attend and participate.

Key stakeholders from the city will be invited including:

  1. Mayor and Council; 

  2. Chief of Police, Frank Elsner (confirmed);

  3. Director of Legislative and Regulatory Services (confirmed); 

  4. Bylaw Enforcement; 

  5. City Planning Department;

  6. Transportation;

  7. Parks, Recreation & Culture;

  8. Late Night Great Night;

  9. Special Events;

  10. Liquor Inspector; 

  11. Downtown Community Development Coordinator; and,

  12. Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA).

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