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VDRA Letter re Proposed Boundary Changes

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Our comments are limited to the proposed changes to the boundaries of the Downtown and Harris Green neighbourhoods, which comprise the area and residents served by the Downtown Residents’ Association (DRA) and are made on the express understanding that the other affected neighbourhoods are in agreement with our comments. Further, we believe that additional information would have been of assistance in assessing these proposed changes. The following is a summary of our comments.

  • Amalgamation of the Downtown and Harris Green neighbourhoods The DRA sees merit in consolidating the boundaries of the Downtown and Harris Green neighbourhoods into one neighbourhood, as that is the de facto neighbourhood area currently served by the DRA.

  • Extension of the northern Downtown neighbourhood boundary to Bay Street We support this proposed boundary change as an appropriate move forward given the nature of the development planned for this area in the next ten to fifteen years.

  • Boundary changes with the Fairfield Neighbourhood The DRA also sees merit in the proposed change to the boundary with the Fairfield neighbourhood, but only to the extent that the proposed changes align with the boundaries set by the DCAP.

  • Boundary changes with the Fernwood Neighbourhood We do not see any merit in or rationale for the proposed change to extend the boundaries of the Downtown and Harris Green neighbourhoods to include those lands currently within the Fernwood neighbourhood.

Click below to download the read the full letter or to download and view the Boundaries map..

Boundaries letter
Download PDF • 760KB

Neighbourhood Boundaries
Download PDF • 545KB

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