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Victoria DRA Community Survey

In July 2022, the Victoria Downtown Residents Association (VDRA) distributed a community survey to Downtown residents, workers, business owners, and those who visit the Downtown Neighbourhood. The survey was designed to better understand respondents’ views as they relate to the development of this neighbourhood and potential future impacts on the Neighbourhood’s residents. Survey questions fell into broad categories that included land use, the environment, transportation, community, housing, and more. Survey respondents also had the option to share their views in an open-ended question format, as well as in-person during the VDRA’s in-person “Have Your Say” event at the Yates St. Community Garden on August 7th.

The survey was available in English and in both digital and printed formats (primarily digital), and was open for one month - from July 7th to August 8th, 2022. The survey was advertised on the VDRA’s website, email and social media, through postcards sent to residents via Canada Post, and at in-person VDRA events. Printed surveys were made available at various locations across the Downtown Neighbourhood, including Our Place Society, Cool Aid Society, Together Against Poverty Society, Elizabeth Fry Society, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

In total, 222 individuals participated in the survey. Of those, over half of respondents (51%) lived in the Neighbourhood, 27% worked in the Downtown, 11% lived in a different neighbourhood of Victoria, 10% owned a business/property Downtown, and the remaining 1% did not live in Victoria. With the survey being available in English only, the ability for some to participate may have been impacted. Also, the delivery of the postcards notifying residents of the survey was more limited than desirable, as many multi-dwelling buildings do not allow the delivery of bulk mail — a pertinent issue as a significantly high majority of Downtown residents live in apartments and condominiums.

Click below to download and read the full survey.

2022 Resident Survey
Download PDF • 7.86MB

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