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David is more qualified than a stick. Resigned to proposing radical and necessary changes to this city only to be shunted into near ineffectiveness, accepting his best effect as mayor will be simply to act contrary to the direction we've been going.

Understanding pretty things are easy to say David trusts in the beauty of Stoic pragmatism, knowing miracles are real even though magic is not. Given support, he has a plan to adopt a persona of a loving hippy tyrant and take the actual steps necessary to end the addiction epidemic and it's subsequent ocean of anxiety that drowns all public space. Which, in turn, will inhibit what David describes as 'the condominium Hellscape' from stealing the last of the sky.

Finally, and just as importantly, he will initiate a grand volunteer gardening program to work under the precept that economic recovery is not assured.

David Arthur Johnston

David Arthur Johnston

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