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The Victoria Downtown Residents Association is the official community organization representing people living in Victoria’s Downtown and Harris Green neighbourhoods.


Whether you've lived here for a month or for decades, if you call downtown Victoria home; this is where you belong. Your involvement and ideas help make downtown Victoria a vibrant and unique community in which we can all thrive together.



The downtown is a vibrant place

to live! Learn and engage in community events, workshops and festivals to connect with other residents and gain a sense of community. Everyone is welcome and belongs downtown!

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Engage in the downtown neighbourhood by staying informed and up-to-date. Join the conversation and have a say in YOUR neighbourhood. 

Team Meeting


Engage to consult and help shape the neighbourhood in the vision of its residents. There are many ways to get involved and consult on the downtown and DRA projects.

Here are just some of the ways the Victoria Downtown Residents Association helps our downtown community of residents and businesses:

  • promoting the downtown core as a good place to live

  • fostering residents’ control of land development and redevelopment within the area

  • helping preserve cultural and architectural heritage sites within the area

  • fostering a sense of community for residents in the downtown core

Have a question regarding becoming a member?  Contact us for more information.

a Member

Are you a resident of Downtown Victoria, or Harris Green neighbourhoods? If yes, you are eligible to become a member.  

Join the VDRA to help foster a diverse, vibrant, and safe downtown.​

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