Image by Gabrielle Henderson



Doug Boyd, Michael Demakiling, Dianne Flood, Nicholas Harrington, Sandra Severs, Ian Sutherland


President: Sandra Severs
Vice President: Doug Boyd
Treasurer: Doug  Boyd
Secretary: Dianne Flood

Committee Chairs

Land Use: Ian Sutherland
Urban Ecology and Agriculture: Michael Demakiling
Urban Livability: Vacant
Governance: Dianne Flood
Communications and Membership: Doug Boyd
Community Engagement: Dianne Flood

Neighbourhood Engagement Coordinator

Darragh Degroot

Liaison to External Entities

VCAN: Sandra Severs, Ian Sutherland
900 Pandora Block: Sandra Severs

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority: Doug Boyd

City Council Liaison

Geoff Young

City Community development Coordinator

Michael Hill


Doug Boyd

Doug was one of the owners of Vision Travel, a travel agency with locations across Canada, for over 30 years. His primary role in recent years was in technology. Doug retired from that company in 2016. Doug moved to Victoria from Calgary in 2011. In Calgary, he was actively involved in two neighbourhood associations and was a Board member of the Kensington Business Association for several years. Doug is very passionate about advancing sustainability and active transportation in Victoria. He loves the city and also is an avid walker. Doug has been a member of the Victoria DRA since 2013. Doug was elected as a Board member and as Treasurer in 2014 and is currently the Vice-President and Chair of the Communications and Membership Committee.

Michael Demakiling

Michael is an employee training and development consultant for a national dental lab product and service company based in Calgary, AB. Michael also volunteers as a steering committee member for the Yates Street Community Garden (YSCG). He is passionate about promoting green space in urban areas. He helped to develop educational videos and volunteered to spearhead various community garden projects, such as the garden’s first vertical garden. Michael currently resides in the Harris Green neighbourhood with his partner. Outside of work and volunteering for the YSCG, he enjoys a variety of outdoor activities that Vancouver Island offers. He also enjoys nature photography and is an aspiring plant-based cook and baker. Michael joined the DRA board in February 2021 and is currently Chair of the Urban Ecology and Agriculture Committee.

Dianne Flood

Dianne is a retired lawyer who formerly advised the Manitoba government on local government legislation, land use planning, and property assessment matters. She was a vice-chair of the Manitoba Municipal Board, the chair of the BC Property Assessment Appeal Board, an Assistant Deputy Minister (Manitoba Municipal Affairs), and the Executive Director of BC’s Administrative Justice Office. Dianne has lived in Harris Green since 2004 and is especially interested in efforts to enhance the green space in the Downtown and Harris Green neighbourhood. Dianne joined the DRA and the Board in 2018 and is Chair of the Governance Committee, Chair of the Community Engagement Committee, and Board Secretary.

Nicholas Harrington

Nicholas is a certified engineering technician (CTech) in the field of Fluid Power, Automation and Robotics. For the majority of his career, he provided technical customer service and applications engineering services to the pneumatic automation component, and later, hydraulic and pneumatic valve actuation industries. Nicholas is currently a sales representative at a local tool retailer. Nicholas and his wife relocated to downtown Victoria in 2012. Some of his interests are technology, machinery, programming, writing, politics, cars and motorcycles. Nicholas is a past President of the DRA.

Sandra Severs

Sandra Severs is a senior management professional with over twenty years experience working in diverse not-for-profit organizations.  Most recently she served as the Executive Director of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s North and West Vancouver branch where she led the development of the HOpe Cafe, a unique collaboration between CMHA, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and BLENZ Coffee Company creating employment opportunities for those living with serious mental health challenges. With an M.A. in environment ethics, Sandra is interested in the development of inclusive communities in the urban core of cities.  She has five years experience in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside working with municipal and provincial governments on the challenges facing low-income residents. Sandra has been a resident of the Hudson District since 2017 and is currently President of the DRA.

Ian Sutherland

Ian has worked in the development industry as a Planning and Civil Engineering consultant for over 35 years, as well as a design/builder and developer specializing in custom homes and rehabilitation of designated heritage buildings. Ian has served on the Board of the Victoria Civic Heritage Trust and has received the Presidents award from the Hallmark Society and the BC Heritage Award for past projects. Victoria born and raised, Ian has enjoyed living Downtown for over 20 years. Ian enjoys travelling around the world seeking and studying famous and inspirational architecture. Ian joined the DRA Board and has acted as Chair of the Land Use Committee since 2011.