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Note: Committee reports are submitted monthly and can be found in Board Meeting Minutes

Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee (LUC) participates in the Public Consultation Process as developed by the City of Victoria for Developers and Community Associations. Responsibilities of the LUC include: acting as a liaison between multiple stakeholders with divergent opinions and positions through direct dialogue and Public Meetings regarding various Downtown projects; engage in meaningful, productive dialogue with residents, developers, City of Victoria Planners, architects and City Council. Click the button below to find out who the hard working members of our Land Use Committee are and read about their backgrounds.

Urban Ecology and Agriculture Committee

The Urban Ecology and Agriculture Committee works to make nature an important part of improving our quality of life and the health of the greater natural ecosystems in which Victoria is found. Responsibilities include developing and promoting programs aiming to increase awareness of the importance of nature in the city, as well as ways to better integrate natural and developed spaces into the urban fabric. This major project of this committee is the Yates Street Community Garden.

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Urban Livability Committee

This Committee is focused on issues related to the quality of life in the core of Victoria, and works with relevant community groups to support a wide range of initiatives. Current work includes engagement in activities to decrease homelessness, support mental health and addictions responses, and advocate for increased green spaces in the Harris Green-Downtown neighbourhood.

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Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee seeks to engage downtown residents in their community. Whether you’ve lived downtown for a month or for decades, if you call Victoria home, this is where you belong. Your involvement and ideas help make downtown Victoria a vibrant and unique community in which we can all thrive together. We seek to build and deepen relationships with other residents while making a positive impact in your community. From the arts to food sustainability, to festivals and cultural events, there’s an abundance of opportunities to volunteer and connect. As a member of the Downtown Residents Association (DRA), be among the first in the know about what’s happening downtown now and what’s on the horizon. When you volunteer with the DRA, you have your finger right on the pulse of the city. The Community Engagement Committee undertakes projects that encourage residents to join a network of innovators, visionaries, and leaders who bring ideas to life and make things happen. Your input matters and brings lasting benefits to your neighbourhood—and to all who live and work here.

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Communications and Membership Committee

Responsibilities of the Communications and Membership Committee include maintaining membership records; growing the membership of the DRA; and communicating to DRA members via the newsletter and other activities.

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Governance Committee

The Governance Committee supports the Board in furthering the DRA’s mission and goals.  It develops, reviews, and supports the DRA’s policy framework, including its Bylaws and Strategic Plans so that the Board and Directors can operate effectively. It is also responsible to develop key policies to help define and govern the way the Board and the Directors function, and for the supervision of and reporting relationship with any staff. The Committee welcomes and encourages diversity and inclusion in the Board structure and operations.

The Governance Committee is comprised of the Board Executive (President, Vice-President, Secretary,  and Treasurer) and Past President, and has a Board Director as Committee Chair.

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