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Image by Jasper Garratt


Welcome to Downtown Victoria. Downtown Victoria is a vibrant community that has a lot going on and a lot to offer.  To help make living here fun and easy, browse through some Victoria based resources to make your living experience in the downtown the best it can be!

Emergency Prepardness

Did you know, Victoria is in an earthquake and tsunami zone? With ongoing climate change, natural disasters are going to increase in frequency. It is important to be prepared with at home supplies and to stay informed. 

Victoria Law Enforcement

The City of Victoria makes it easy to report a non-emergency crime,  traffic complaint or bylaw violation online. Keep downtown safe and vibrant by utilizing these online resources. 

Victoria's Unhoused Community

The DRA recognizes that unhoused people living in the downtown are members of our community and neighbourhood. We and our community are working to grow our understanding and empathy towards all residents of the downtown. Here are a few resources to guide your journey of understanding.

Lending Hubs

Did you know Victoria has lending hubs? Many who living in downtown dwell in small spaces that make it difficult to accumulate supplies. Here are a few  resources to gain access to supplies.