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DRA Land Use Committee letter to Mayor and Council re proposed inclusionary housing policy

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Downtown-Harris Green is currently the main supplier of housing growth for the City. All of this growth is occurring without any of the requisite and essential investment in community amenities. Developers create housing, but it’s Council’s job to create communities. If Council wishes to defund amenities and stifle the opportunity for more residents to join the ranks of homeowners, as the experts suggest this policy most certainly will do, that is at Council’s discretion. However, if Council approves this policy as proposed, it is only appropriate that a commitment be made to dedicate significant alternate funding for community amenities from the healthy new tax revenue this new growth has produced. Additionally, we request that Council upholds the OCP and respects the contract with the community that this bylaw represents and the engagement process required for any amendment.

Download -HOUSING-POL • 5.60MB

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