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DRA Response to opinions critical of the role of Neighbourhood Associations

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Recent articles about the Fernwood Community Association have prompted a discussion about Victoria’s neighbourhood associations and their role in representing residents’ interests to City Council. Important in that discussion is a recognition that each of Victoria’s twelve neighbourhood associations differs substantially from the others in terms of its organization, resources and programming, and in terms of the land use issues they face.

Many of those differences reflect the history of each association’s development, and also the nature of the particular neighbourhood and its residents and their needs. Some neighbourhood associations have been in existence for several decades, whereas others are more recent in conception. Some are well financed and provide significant local programming, whereas others lack resources and are unable to provide much in the way of services.

Despite their differences, each neighbourhood association exists to represent the collective interests of residents to City Council by providing input into matters directly affecting their neighbourhood so that the best decisions might be made for all affected citizens. It is, for this very reason, wise councils in many cities around the world, not just Victoria, reach out to engage with residents through place-based vehicles like neighbourhood associations.

We encourage all Downtown-Harris Green residents who have an interest in participating in shaping the DRA’s role and activities and the land uses in our neighbourhood, to please contact us at We more than welcome you!

Sandra Severs


Victoria Downtown Residents Association

Click on the link below to download and read the full response.

DRA Response to Comments re Neighbourhood Associations
Download • 100KB

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