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Letter to Mayor & Council re 450 Swift Street, Craft Restaurant and Bar – Liquor License Application

We understand that Craft Restaurant and Bar at 450 Swift Street (formerly Canoe Brewpub) has applied for a series of permit amendments that will have the following effect:

  • Existing Food Primary licence hours unchanged and 9am to 1am Monday to Saturday and 9am to 12am Sundays with a proposed reduced occupant load of 107 inside and 197 on outdoor patios. (167 person decrease for the food primary licence)

  • One combined Liquor Primary licence having hours that align with the existing food primary licence from 9am to 1am Monday through Saturday and 9am to 12am Sunday with an occupant load of 160 inside and 155 combined on an outdoor patio. There is no proposed increase for liquor primary seats.

Overall, the DRA LUC does not support liquor licence amendments that will likely negatively affect adjacent residents. The DRA LUC furthermore recommends a wait of a full year under the current licencing for the applicant, new to the City, to demonstrate the ability to be a good neighbour.

Applications such as this one, highlight the acute need for a Municipal Alcohol policy for a neighbourhood where residences and late night liquor venues share a close proximity. The DRA LUC is disappointed that this policy was promised by the previous Council as a Strategic Plan deliverable for 2019 and yet no action has been taken to date. We hope our new Council will prioritize this important policy as it will provide the necessary help to both residents and establishment owners. Sincerely,

Click on the link below to download and read the full letter, which includes responses from the public and comments from DRA LUC members.

450 Swift Street - liquor licence application
Download PDF • 147KB

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