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Neighbourhood Resilience

Want to get involved and engaged but don’t know how to go about it?

There is no shortage of Victorians who care about their community and want to help.  Change can appear daunting, but many people don’t know that seemingly small things have value. For example, Calgarians instituted MONday (Meet Our Neighbours Day), weekly informal gatherings of residents.  People also began holding their parties in their front yards, rather than around the back, as a way of encouraging their neighbours to stop by and join in.

The idea is simple: What if everyone went out for a walk at the same time and started to meet, introduce themselves, and visit with each other? Getting to know your neighbours not only feels good, but it can also be an incubator for good ideas about improving the community. Residents who know each other also tend to look out for one another, creating a safer and healthier environment. Want to share your neighbourhood success story please email <>

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