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Understanding Trauma: Complex PTSD & Somatics

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Wednesday, May 25 - 6 to 8 pm

Crystal Garden Neighbour Hub - 711 Douglas St.

Did you know when a person is in survival mode, their brain literally cannot think ahead to make a plan?

In this free workshop, examine trauma's influence on the nervous system and brain, learn how to create safety in the body, and discover just how it feels from a person with lived experience of homelessness.

In this workshop, you will…

· Examine what trauma is and its influences on the nervous system

· Learn how to support individuals struggling with complex-PTSD

· Gain everyday tools to develop a resilient nervous system

· Hear from a person with lived experience of homelessness

This workshop is FREE to Victoria residents to assist in your journey of understanding and empathy towards all members of our downtown neighborhood, including those with lived experiences of homelessness. This workshop is presented by the Victoria Downtown Residents Association, and thanks to the City of Victoria's My Great Neighbourhood Grant program.

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