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Executive House Hotel Change to Liquor Licence Hours

Notice was given to the DRA Land Use Committee to inform the public of the proposal by Executive House Hotel, located at 777 Douglas St. to apply for a permanent change in hours to a liquor licence.  See notice below.  

Deadline for the DRA to respond is May 10 but we’d like to hear your comments.  Your opinion counts so tell us what you think about the liquor licence change at Executive House Hotel.  

*UPDATE  07-May-12: The early hours extension is intended to cover brunch hours of service and the later hours are so staff can have a drink after work without running afoul of the liquor inspector.

*UPDATE 08-May-12:  The Executive House Hotel has one licence and this application is for all the bars.  The application is for Liquor Licence No.  064730 (226 person capacity) which covers:

  1. The Polo Lobby Lounge (40 person capacity)

  2. Bartholomew’s (112 person capacity plus a 28 capacity patio)

  3. Doubles Oyster Bar (46 person capacity)

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