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May Roving Refinery: Bernard Callebaut

Our next Roving Refinery event will take place at Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut, where they are “devoted to making exquisite chocolates”.

Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut has developed a reputation for high-quality chocolate. Under the direction of their two master chocolatiers, they have been handcrafting their signature chocolates since 1983, and chocolate connoisseurs from around the globe have come to covet their creations.

 Whether you are a genuine ‘chocoholic’, eat chocolate to stay healthy (recent studies suggest that eating high cocoa content chocolate helps prevent heart disease, ward off diabetes, and reduce the risk of stroke), or simply love to indulge your sweet tooth, May’s Roving Refinery should not be missed. 

For this event, please bring a can of food for donation. For those who forget, cash donations are always gratefully accepted. All donations go to Our Place Society. There will be a draw for several gift certificates to Catalano.

Date: Wednesday, May 21

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

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