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Roving Refinery Report: Catalano Restaurant

On Tuesday evening, April 29, Catalano Restaurant and Cicchetti Bar hosted the latest DRA Roving Refinery. Fourteen members enjoyed the lovely cocktail lounge with its high ceilings, cozy fireplace, and modern décor.  

We were treated to a generous selection of cicchetti, the Venetian version of tapas small plates. Pork and duck rillettes garnished with a fig conserve, fried risotto balls, truffled white beans, and chorizo in puff pastry were all delicious.  And, of course, there were also a wide selection of drinks to order from the bar.

The Catalano Restaurant and Cicchetti Bar is located in the

Magnolia Hotel, at 619 Courtney Street. The Magnolia is one of downtown’s newer hotels, around fifteen years old, and is very attractive. The restaurant is just a year old in its present incarnation and is owned by three partners: Dave Craggs, Chef Aaron Laurence, and Tom Ferris. It, and the successful Ferris’ Oyster Bar (536 Yates Street), are fraternal businesses.

Dave Craggs gave us a welcoming talk and explained the history and the origins of the establishment. They aim to provide Mediterranean fare from locally sourced ingredients in a handsome and welcoming environment, and they certainly did that on Tuesday. Many thanks to Dave, bartender Barry, and the professional and friendly staff for such a pleasant evening.

 Now that the weather is changing, they will soon be be serving on a charming patio with views of the legislative buildings and the Empress. Their happy hour,  from 4:00 to 6:00 pm features half-price cicchetti and special drink prices. Thanks again for a lovely evening.

 Ever lucky Matthew won one of the three $25 gift certificates. Ruth  and Cathy were also winners. Generous DRA attendees donated a total of 9.2 pounds of food and $40 cash to Our Place Society. Our next Roving Refinery will be in May. Watch our media for details of the event.

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